Minnie and Rocky

September 12, 2013

I love how my dog Minnie likes to sit on top of the couch. When the curtains are closed she peaks her head through the curtains. Sometimes she falls asleep on top of the couch. She loves to sleep there when the sun is out. I guess the couch is really warm and she loves it. She even turns around and looks at you when she hears something or when your talking about her.

Half the time she just barks at people when they are in the street or in the yard. She also barks at squirrels. The tree closest to the window the squirrels will just sit there and look at her while she barks. I guess squirrels like to sit there and say you can't get me and laugh at her.

When both Rocky and Minnie are outside, there are sometimes bunnies. The bunnies also just sit there. Both Minnie and Rocky just bark at bunnies or other animals that are out in the yard.

When Minnie gets outside she normally starts barking for no reason. Maybe shes letting every other dog know that she is there or she could be trying to start a conversation with other dogs.

I wish they both played together more. Minnie used to put her paws on Rocky's head. They do still play a little every now and then. Sometime she just ignores him.

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