Fashion Saturdays: My Top Three Favorite Boots

March 8, 2014

 I'm going to start something new and I'm going to call it Fashion Saturdays. It's where I will post something like a shirt, jewelry, or even shoes. I was thinking about doing it every Saturday or every other Saturday. I haven't decided yet.

Anyways, here is my top three favorite boots. I don't remember the names of the boots or where I got the boots. Its been to long to remember where I got them. Maybe you can find some inspiration or a similar style in these boots for a cute outfit.

Cute Snow Boots

These boots work perfect for snow. Unless you go outside for a few minutes, then come back in, take the boots off, and then put the shoes back on and go back out there. The boots seem to get wet in the inside of the boots. I'm not sure why. But they are really warm.

Adorable Cute Boots

These boots I have been wearing since 2011. I wore them a lot. I wore them to school, concerts, and other places. I wore them mostly with my black and white skinny jeans. 

 My Favorite Heels

These are my favorite shoes but I haven't been able to wear them anywhere. I have had these shoes since 2012. I didn't want to wear to them to school because I didn't want to wear heels all day. Someday I will find a cute outfit to wear with them.


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  2. Nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog!


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