Minnie's Energy

March 4, 2014

Minnie has so much energy, I can't get a picture of her most of the time. She always moves right as soon as I take the picture. She'll turn her head, run around in a circle, she'll stick her tongue out, or her ear will twitch. 

When I try to take a picture of Rocky, he will move his head, do a trick, or stick his tongue out.

Sometimes I use treats to distract her. I hold the treats in my hand and try to take the picture but she will do every single trick she knows. She will speak, stand on her back legs, shake, and a hi-5. 

In this picture it looks like Minnie is saying "What are you doing?"

In this picture it looks like Minnie is saying "Leave me alone, I'm trying to take a nap."

She could also be saying "I'm trying to take a nap, you have a choice, if you don't leave me alone... you'll give me a treat or I will lick your face."

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  1. I love doggy posts, Minnie is adorable! I also feature my chocolate cockapoo in his own post titled 'Arthur's Antics' if you fancy checking it out. x


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