Minnie's Favorite Spot In My Room

March 10, 2014

One day, me and my sister were taking apart the bed I was using because she wanted to use it. When I stuffed the white bed curtain thing (I'm not sure what its called) underneath the bed, Minnie digs it out and makes her a spot to lay in. Now she sits and she also plays with her toy.

When she's in my room she like's to play with her favorite red ball but now it's covered in a lot of fuzz and she can't play with it anymore because she'll eat it. I tried to give her a purple ball but I don't think she likes it as much because its twice the size as the red ball and its not a squishy so she could bite it.

Minnie also likes to lay down here and take short naps. 

For some reason she also likes to sleep on my pillow. I tell her to get off and five minutes later she's back sleeping on my pillow.


  1. such a cute dog! i have a cat called minnie, its such a sweat name! lovely blog btw! id love it if youd check out mine and comment back http://amyelizabethfashion.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/symmetric-geometric-ootd.html xx

  2. I love doggie posts and Minnie looks adorable!!! I do a post for my Cockapoo called Arthur's Antics, if you want to check it out that would be great x


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