Very Inspiring Blogger Award #2

April 22, 2014

I have been nominated again for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Jadiee and Daniella Thank you guys.

1. Link the person who nominated you.
2. List and display the rules.
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know they have been nominated.

Seven Facts About Me:
1. My two favorite anime shows right now are Blue Exorcist and My Bride is a  Mermaid.
2. My favorite band is Black Veil Brides.
3. My favorite song right now is Beat by 100%.
4. I love drawing things like anime and cartoons.
5. I can speak a little bit of Korean and Japanese.
6. My favorite color is pink.
7. My favorite animal is a dog.

Blogs I Nominate:
Milk and two sugars, please...'
Love from Be
Anastasiya Varvel
Alice Oliva
Slow Motion Thoughts
Disco Socks
Maria Case
Fashion Pugs
Sweet SoCal Living
Mirror, Mirror
Coconut Crush
Fond Memory
Fair Lady In Training
Patterned and Pink


  1. thanks a lot for tagging me! I love tags and I'm looking forward to answering this one! Have a nice day <3

    xx, Be ||

  2. Your welcome. You have a nice day to. :)

  3. Thanks so much for nominating me! I just posted mine :) Lovely blog<3

    -A |

  4. Your welcome and thank you. :)


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