Beautiful Tulips, Wild Violets, and Daffodils

May 14, 2014

I love the color of this tulip. It is a really beautiful and bright red.

A red Tulip

A red Tulip

These Wild Violets are pretty. I love the shade of purple these flowers are. I also like how that there are millions of these. It looks like a field of purple flowers.

A field of Wild Violets

One open Tulip and one closed Tulip.

These are pretty Daffodils. I like how they look like they're starting to turn from white to a yellow color or the yellow is fading away.

Mostly white and some faded yellow Daffodil.

Which picture was your favorite?

Mine was the first one because I love the beautiful shade of red the Tulip is.

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  1. Love the red tulip. The wild violets are beautiful. Jessica xox


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