DIY: Black Veil Brides and Farewell, My Love Lyric Art

May 19, 2014

This is a fun and easy DIY that is perfect for any room. Most especially if you love music, want to give your wall a makeover, or you don't have to love music you can just do it for fun.

I got my inspiration from a Youtuber named DazzleDIY. She did song lyrics from One Direction and a few others. Thank you for the inspiration. 

I thought this would be a good idea for my room because I took off the shelves and other stuff from my wall and it looked really boring. It needed some kind of art or picture there.

Things You Will Need:

Glue gun
Pen or pencil
Paint brush
Mounting Putty/Fun Tack or tape
Cardboard, poster board or a canvas (To give dimension to your art.)
Printer (If you make your art by using a program, this will be needed to get your art.)
Depending on what your going to do you, if your do it like how I did it you will need a computer and a computer program or a online program to create your lyric art.

First Step: Create Your Lyric Art

The first thing you must do is create your lyric art. You can make the lyrics in any computer program, online editing program, or you can draw the art yourself. You can go download new fonts to your computer. There are many font sites and font styles out there.

Don't put the lyrics on the edge of the picture. This is because when you glue the art on to the cardboard or poster board you are taking the art and wrapping it around the edges. You'll see what I mean at the end.

I chose five songs. Three from Farewell, My Love and two from Black Veil Brides. You can to more or less depending on what you would like to do. I used a few lyrics from the songs called Mirror, Mirror, Afraid of the Dark, Queen of Hearts, Perfect Weapon, and In The End. Go check out their music videos or lyric video by clicking one of the names of the songs below. There's no current official music video or lyric video for Queen of Hearts but it's my favorite song by Farewell, My Love. I'm trying to widen your guys or ladies music selection. They are both very good bands.

Black Veil Brides

Farewell, My Love

You don't have to use lyrics from Black Veil Brides or Farewell, My Love. I used lyrics from my favorite songs by them and they are two of my favorite bands. You can use One Direction lyrics or anybody else.

Step Two: Print the Lyrics Out

If you did your lyric in a computer program, you will have to print your lyrics out.

Black Veil Brides and Farewell, My Love lyric art before they are finished.

Step Three: Draw or Create Any Decorations You Want

After you print out your lyric art you can draw the logo or you can draw the members. I used my Farewell, My Love necklace to give me an idea for the shape of the logo.

After I drew the logo I painted the logo gold. The reason that I painted the logo gold is because the logo is gold and their album is called Gold Tattoos. 

I also drew all five members of Farewell, My Love as cartoon characters.

 Step Four: Cut Out a Piece of Cardboard

Before you cut out a piece of cardboard out, you need to measure a little bit smaller than the art that you created. This is because the edges are going to be glued to the back of the cardboard.

Step Five: Glue on the Lyric Art to the Cardboard

Place the lyrics underneath the cardboard and take the glue gun and glue along the edge of cardboard and then place the edge of the paper onto the glue. Do this for all sides.

It should look similar like this. You might want to have extra room on the corner of the lyric art to glue it together. I didn't think about it until I started to glue it together.

Remember: Glue is hot.

Step Six: Put Tape or Mounting Putty/Fun Tack on the Back on the Cardboard

I used mounting putty/fun tack to use for hanging up the lyric art. It holds up all of my posters longer than tape most of the time.

Step Seven: Place the Lyric Art on Your Wall 

You can place the lyric art any way you want. This is how I placed my lyric art on my wall.

The layout of the lyric art on the wall.

 Here are a few close ups of the lyric art.

Farewell, My Love Mirror Mirror lyric art, fan art

Farewell, My Love Queen of Hearts lyric art, fan art

Farewell, My Love Afraid of the Dark lyric art, fan art

Black Veil Brides Perfect Weapon lyric art, fan art

Black Veil Brides In The End lyric art, fan art

Hopefully, you guys or ladies liked this DIY. Tell me what you think in the comments. If you're going to do this DIY, what song from what band or singer are you going to use?

Later in the year I might make more of these. I'll definitely share them if I make more.

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