DIY: Cute Miniature Doughnut

May 5, 2014

Here's a cute little miniature doughnut, with a cute little face and hands. This is really easy to do and you can make it bigger or smaller than how I did it. This could also be a great Mother's Day gift.

Things you need:

Two different shades of fabric
Pencil or pen
Needle, thread, or a sewing machine
Glue gun
An object that is round 

First Step:

The first thing that you are going to do is to double the layer for the doughnut and then place the icing under it. Then place the object you are going to use on top and then make a square to get an idea on the of the doughnut. This step could be done different by tracing around your object.

You should now have three squares.

Step Two:

Try to line up your three squares as much as possible. Make sure you are on the back of your fabric because you are going to draw on it. Then take your object and place it on top and then trace around it. Then pin the fabric all together and then cut out the circles.

You should have three circles now.

Step Three:

Fold the circles all at once. First fold in half and then fold again. Then cut where the inner circle of the doughnut hole will be.

You now should have three identical circles.

Step Four:

Draw a shape for the icing and then cut it out. My fabric already had stars on it, which I'm using as sprinkles. You can cut out sprinkles out of plain fabric or use sequins.

Step Five:

Draw a shape for a face, then cut it out with scissors, and then draw the face. Then paint the face.

Step Six:

Place both front pieces of the circle on top of each other and then sew it. Sew only the outside of the doughnut not the inner circle because you have to turn it inside out through the inner circle not the stuffing hole. If you are putting hands on the doughnut the hands have to be sewed together and then sew them in the inside at the same time as sewing the border of the doughnut.

REMEMBER: Keep an opening for the stuffing.

Then flip it inside out. You should have something similar to this:

Step Seven:

Glue between each fabric in the inner circle or you could sew it.

Step Eight:

Stuff your doughnut and then sew the stuffing hole shut.

Here is an idea of what you could get:

Step Nine:

Glue the icing and the face on. I did cut a little bit of the face off because it was to big. You can glue on any other decorations that you want.

Here's my cute miniature doughnut. I like the pink fabric with the stars because the stars look like sprinkles. Her face looks so cute and Minnie, my model, looks so cute.

Do you want to check out a behind the scenes photo shoot with Minnie? Then check out:

I think I made my doughnut vanilla and chocolate flavored with pink icing and stars as sprinkles.


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