Fashion Saturdays: A Cute Night Out Outfit

May 3, 2014

This cute little outfit would be good for a night out. Like going out to dance at a club or a party.

I love the jewels on the dress. It made the dress really stand out. The shoes are really cute, I love the spikes. The earrings and the necklace are really pretty. The jewel in the middle of the heart of the earrings makes me love it even more. My favorite kind of jewelry is when they are in a shape of a heart.

The bracelets are very pretty and sparkly. I'm someone who wears bracelets a lot. The bracelets I normally wear are band or anime rubber bracelets and bangles. I have a collection of band bracelets and bangles. I think I have more band bracelets than bangles.

I like to have purses with a handle or chain on them because then I wouldn't have to worry about dropping it or having to put it down and then worry if someone was going to take it.

What's your favorite item?

My favorite is probably the shoes. They are super cute.

A Night Out Outift

Mini dress

Blink black shoes
$90 -

Chain handbag

Silver bracelet
$8.39 -

FOSSIL heart necklace
$59 -

Heart earrings

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  1. the shoes and the dress are fab!!!! if only i had a reason to wear this


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