Fashion Saturdays: Cute Summer Outfit #1

May 17, 2014

Here's a cute summer outfit. I really love this outfit. I love the saying on the shirt because I do think normal is boring. I think everybody is unique in there own way. The hat looks really cute. I love the spikes on the hat. The shoes I think need more style maybe pink shoelaces or maybe blue or purple shoelaces. I really need new shoes, my shoes look like there about to fall apart. I love the destroyed look on the shorts. I haven't worn shorts in a couple of years. Maybe more than just a couple of years. I think the last time I wore shorts or a skirt was when I was in fifth grade. These shorts might get me into wearing them again. I really love the bracelet and the necklace. 

I would probably where this outfit to a musical festival, like Warped Tour. But since Warped Tour is an all day event and normally it's like one hundred degrees outside I don' think I would wear a black outfit. I would rather wear a white outfit but I'm not a fan of just white clothing so I probably would wear this outfit instead. I don't think I would care if it was hotter wearing a black outfit than a white outfit.

I love all of the accessories and the clothing items. Which clothing item or accessories is your favorite?
Cute Summer Outfit

Black top

Destroyed shorts

Converse high top

Bridal bracelet

Heart pendant

Black snapback hat

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