Hearts, a Dandelion, and Grape Hyacinths

May 26, 2014


I love these Grape Hyacinths. They are really cool looking. I also love the purple and blue color they are.

A close up picture of a Grape Hyacinth.

A group of Grape Hyacinths

These heart looking leaf things look cool. I like how they are shaped into broken hearts.

Heart leaves growing in the ground.

Which picture was your favorite? I think my favorite pictures are of the Grape Hyacinths and the Dandelion.


  1. Lovely pics!




  2. I love those flowers :)

  3. Chic and AlluringMay 27, 2014 at 4:43 PM

    I like all of them, but definitely ones of the flowers the most. :-)



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