Minnie and Rocky Hanging Out Together

May 21, 2014

They both look so cute. Rocky seems to be enjoying himself but Minnie doesn't seem like she wants to be there.

Minnie could be saying "Come on, why are you taking pictures of me again?" or "Why are you ignoring me?"

Rocky and Minnie, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix and Chihuahua

It looks like Minnie is having some major breakdown and Rocky is either like "What's wrong?" or he's saying "What are you doing?"

What do you think Minnie and Rocky are talking about in these pictures?

When I was taking these pictures there was someone over at my house and she likes to bark at them until they leave or until she know they are gone. Since I was taking pictures of them, she didn't like it too much. She was running around like crazy and barking at me. When Rocky came closer to her it was like she said "Don't come close to me or I will bite you!!" She would also bark at Rocky with a loud yelp. I guess she really wanted to come inside.

Rocky and Minnie, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix and Chihuahua

While I was taking pictures of Minnie and Rocky, I took a picture of the tree leaves. The leaves had a really pretty red and orange color to them.

Red and orange tree leaves from a Japanese Maple tree.

This is a very rare picture of Minnie to get when she looks like she is smiling. This picture was taken after I brought her inside. But I think she was really mad at me for leaving her out there. She probably thought I was ignoring her. I gave her water and gave her a treat. She still kind of acted the same way, with the same facial expression. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of her like this. She was moving a lot and my camera sometimes messes up, so I couldn't get a good picture of her.

Minnie Chihuahua

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  1. Chic and AlluringMay 21, 2014 at 5:46 PM

    Again, such a cute and happy post! I try to visit daily, lol.


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