Pink Flowers and Red Tulips

May 18, 2014

In the previous post Beautiful Tulips, Wild Violets, and Daffodils, there was a picture of one of the Tulips where there was one open and one closed. This is a picture of  those same Tulips. These Tulips look really pretty. The Tulip that was closed looks prettier when it's open. I love the color of the red that the Tulips are.

Two open red Tulips

The middle of the Tulip looks really pretty with the bright and colorful colors.

A close up of one of the red Tulips and a red Tulip in the background.

I love how the angle is and how the flowers are big and they turn into smaller flowers on the way up through the tree limbs.

Perspective shot of a tree with pink flowers.

I think this is one of my favorite flowers that were on my trees. I liked all of these pink flowers. There were only a few who were perfect flowers. All of the flowers are now gone. I miss the flowers because now there is only leaves. But I do like the color of the green the leaves are.

I like how the sun is peeking through the tree limbs and the pink flowers.

A pink flower with the sun showing behind the flower.

I like how the sun is making the pink on the flower darker. The sun gives a cool shadow underneath some of the petals.

Pink Flower

Here are two more pictures of the red Tulips. These two pictures are of the Tulip on the other side.

Two open red Tulips.

I love the pictures of these Tulips. All of the Tulips that were in my yard are now all gone. They were very beautiful. Spring went by way too fast.

A red Tulip

Which picture was your favorite? My favorite are the pictures of the Tulips because I love the bright color red that they are and the angle of the picture.

Pink Flowers

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  1. Those flowers are gorgeous

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