Rocky's Golden Coat

May 28, 2014

Depending on the setting on my camera, Rocky will look like he has more golden color to his fur coat. The setting on my camera pops out the colors and makes them more bright or colorful. I think it's my favorite setting on my camera.

Rocky looking the other way. Golden Shepherd

Rocky's tongue looks so weird here.

Rocky licking his nose. Golden Shepherd

 I love his fur it's so fluffy and I love the golden color.

Rocky's golden fur. Golden Shepherd

Rocky looks so cute here. I love his yawn.

Rocky says "I'm so tired!!"

Rocky yawing. Golden Shepherd

Which picture was your favorite? My favorite is the picture of Rocky yawning.

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  1. I liked the second last pic the best! His coat does look totally shiny and golden in that! :)

    Love Priya


  2. The most gorgeous dog ever!

  3. Lovely!




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