Spring Wonderland

May 15, 2014

Here are some pictures that are from outside, that remind me of a beautiful wonderland in the spring.

These flowers remind me of the flowers that are in the movie Alice In Wonderland.

Wild Violets that look like the flowers in Alice In Wonderland.

The bird bath is a castle and there's a beautiful wonderland surrounding it.

A bird bath surround by leaves growing from the ground that look like hearts.

These leaves look like cute paws or hands.

Bright green leaves that look like hands or paws.

The purple remind me of millions of butterflies sleeping. 

Inside the flower it looks like there is a monster eating its prey.

Bright yellow Daffodil

It looks like a little person inside of the flower.

What was your favorite picture? Do any of these pictures remind you of anything?

A tiny leaf stuck in a Daffodil.


  1. Beautiful pics! Love that bird bath.

    Love Priya


  2. Hello Emily!

    You have a very nice blog and the photos are so beautiful.

    :* :* Roxie T



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