A Buzzard and Pink Clouds

June 3, 2014

 At the bottom right it the pink and dark purple cloud looks likes a fox running around a field chasing a bunny.

Pink and dark purple clouds. In the lower right there is cloud shape of a fox running.

I love the pink, orange, and yellow colors that are in the clouds next to the trees. One of the clouds to me looks like a genie.

Pink and orange clouds with a crescent moon on the left in the picture.

I found another Cheshire cat moon

I like how the clouds are surrounding the Cheshire cat moon. Maybe the Cheshire cat is going to disappear in pink clouds of smoke.

Crescent moon with pink clouds surrounding it.

The leaves that are on the tree branches remind me of people dancing in the sky.

Tree branches on the top of the picture with pink clouds in the sky in the background.

The one cloud closer to the bottom looks like a lobster.

What do you see in the clouds?

Light pink clouds and trees on the left

Before I was going to go inside, I was trying to take a picture of a Lily of the Valley. I heard weird noises behind me. I look back and I see a huge shadow behind me. I thought it was coming towards me but thankfully it didn't. The shadow flew into a different tree. It turned out to be a Buzzard. I think I almost had a heart attack. Before I went inside I tried to get a picture of the Buzzard. I wished I could have zoomed in farther to get a clearer shot but my camera doesn't zoom in that far.

A buzzard sitting in the trees

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  1. Gorgeous colours!





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