VIXX Voodoo Album Review #1

June 11, 2014

Album Review #1 VIXX Voodoo The First Album

I bought an album from one of my favorite bands named VIXX that I received a couple days ago. I was so excited when I ordered it because I knew some of the songs off of it and they were all really good. In the album it has a CD with one of the members on it. The person on the CD was, I believe it's Leo.

This is my first album review so I am going to review it as best as I can. I will also talk about what the meaning of songs could be talking about.

Track #1: Voodoo

Voodoo is mostly a short instrumental. It has a creepy sound to it. Which it makes me really like it. It gets me into this album when I start to play it.

Track #2: Voodoo Doll

I love this song. I love the vocals, the music, the music video, and the dance. I'll be doing a Music Monday on this song and the music video to talk about it in more in depth soon.

Track #3 Beautiful Killer

The first few seconds of this song, has a great beat to it. I think this might have to be my favorite song off the album. How I interpret the song is that a guy falls in love with a girl and loves her smile and everything about her.

Track #4: Someday

This is a really good ballad song. The beat and the acoustic sound is beautiful. I'm normally not into ballad type songs because normally some of the ones that I have heard are a little bit slower than some of the other types of music I listen to. It might even be one of my favorite acoustic songs. I interpret this song as a boy doesn't care what other says about the relationship or the girl that he's with and will be with that girl no matter what.

Track #5: Because the Answer is You (Only U)

I love the beats, the sound, I love everything about this song. The lyrics talk about how his friend might have felt bad for him so his friend tried to set him up with another girl. But he kept thinking about a girl that he loves or really likes. What I think the meaning of this song is that a guy a broke up with a girl or the girl broke up with him and he can't stop thinking about her. What do you think this song is about?

Track #6: B.O.D.Y

I love sound of this song. The beat is really good. It's looks like it could be a good song to dance to.

Track #7: Secret Night

This song is really good too. I love the beat and the vocals. The rap parts are very good.

Track #8: Say U Say Me

I think the meaning of this song is that a guy hasn't seen a friend for a long time and he hasn't seen her since they were kids. The next time he sees her she looks like a completely different person.

Track #9: My Girl From Today

The meaning of this song could be that maybe two are in love and the guy wants to make sure he keeps her safe and he only wants her to look at him and not other guys. I love the sound and the vocals. 

Track #10: Thank You For Being Born

Thank You For Being Born is a wonderful ballad. I love it.

The rest of the songs on the album are SUPER HERO, Rock Ur Body, On and On, Hyde, and Voodoo Doll Instrumental. SUPER HERO, Rock Ur Body, On and On, and Hyde are all on previous albums.


I think this is a wonderful album to have and I think everybody should have VIXXs first full length album Voodoo, it's really good. I think overall my favorite songs off of this album would half to be Voodoo Doll, Beautiful Killer, and B.O.D.Y. My favorite song by them that is on this album and was on previous albums is Rock Ur Body. Rock Ur Body was the first song I listened to by them and I haven't stopped listening to them since.

I give this album a 10/10.

If you listen to VIXX, what is your favorite song by them?

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