DIY: Cute Clay Cupcakes

July 15, 2014

DIY: Cute Clay Cupcakes

Hello everyone! Today I have a DIY. They are cute cupcakes. In the video I mostly show you how to make the cupcake with the cute face. I had the most terrible time trying to get the bottom of the cupcake out of the cupcake holder. The clay would just keep sticking and then the bottom was ruined. I think I tried getting it out more than ten times. You can follow my video tutorial or you can follow the instructions below the video.

You will need

About four colors of clay that can bake
A cupcake holder (optional)


First, place the clay you are going to use for the bottom of the cupcake and place it into the cupcake holder to create the bottom. You might have to try to get it out a couple of times. You can also create the bottom by hand.

Second, take the clay you are going to use for the top of the cupcake and roll it into a ball. Then, flatten the ball half way and shape it the way you want. Then, place the flatten ball on the top of the bottom of the cupcake.

Third, take the clay you are going to use for the bow and make two triangles and one square or rectangle. Place the top end of the triangles together and wrap the square or rectangle around to create a bow.

Fourth, create the face. You can make any face you want. If you want to make the face I made, take a piece of white clay and roll out two tiny snakes. Then take red clay for the mouth and create a mouth shape.

The last step, follow the clay's instructions and bake.

To create the other cupcake, follow the same steps but instead of a face take a piece of  red clay to make the cherry on top.

You now have a cute cupcake with a face on it, the one with the cherry on top or you have both cupcakes. I hoped you liked this DIY. I love both of these cupcakes. Most especially the one with the cute face on it.

DIY: Cute Clay Cupcakes


  1. These are cute Emily! I've answered your Blog Your Heart Out tag :-) xx

  2. So cute! Shall have to try make these soon ^.^

  3. Chic and AlluringJuly 15, 2014 at 4:47 PM

    Those are soooo cute! I wanna go out and buy some clay now. Lol. <3

  4. Aw so cute! They look so fun to make. :)


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