Sheep and Ocean Creatures

July 31, 2014

These clouds look like a herd of pigs, cows, or sheep. The clouds look more like sheep.

Clouds shaped as sheep.

This cloud looks like a swordfish or a dolphin doing tricks in the ocean.

Clouds shaped as a swordfish or a dolphin.

The clouds look like they form a man wearing a hat and a jacket. He kind of reminds me of a detective on a stake out.

Clouds shaped as a man wearing a hat and jacket.

Some of these clouds in this picture look like crabs and others look like baby turtles.

What do you see in the clouds?

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  1. I can definitely see the fish or dolphin swimming in the sky! It looks most like a long fish to me though. These were some beautiful pictures ^.^ I get the feeling you go cloud gazing a lot!


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