Beauitful Irises

August 3, 2014

White and yellow Irises

White and yellow Irises

A perspective shot of a white and yellow Iris

I like the color of the petals on this Iris. The petals look very pretty. Maybe it's the suns rays that are hitting the petals that are making it look pretty.

Purple Iris

Multiple purple Irises

I love these pictures of these Irises. I think I like the purple Irises the best. My favorite picture is probably the perspective shot of the white Iris. Which color of these Irises do you like better? Purple or the white Iris?

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  1. Oh, I definitely prefer the purple ones! They look so much more "alive" because of the vibrant color. :-)

  2. I think the purple ones have to be my favourite! They look beautiful. Nice shots again. You're definitely quite the photographer :3


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