Hostas Flowers

August 22, 2014

These purple flowers are part of a plant called Hosta. The purple flowers are very pretty. I love how I took the first picture because of the angle and how the flowers get smaller the farther away they get.

Light purple Hostas flowers

Light purple Hostas flowers

A photo of light purple Hostas flower from below

I like how the edges of the petals look see through.

A photo of light purple Hostas flowers from below

These flowers or weeds look like miniature sunflowers.

A flower or a weed that look likes a miniature sunflower.

My favorite pictures out of all of them are the first one, the second picture from underneath the flowers, and the picture of the miniature sunflowers. Do you have a favorite picture?

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  1. I like the first picture because the flowers are strung up like a garland, but the last one just looks so HAPPY.

    Btw, while my husband and I were driving through the Southwest, we played the "let's find shapes in the cloud" game. That gave us a whole afternoon of entertainment; it made me think of you. Lol.

  2. I like those pictures to. I agree the last one does look happy. I hope you had fun on your trip. :D


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