Back by Infinite Music Mondays

September 29, 2014

Back by Infinite Music Mondays

Hello everybody! Infinite released their song for 'Back' a while ago but I didn't do a Music Monday on it yet. So I figured why not do it for today's Music Monday.

Infinite is a seven member boy band from South Korea. The members names are Woohyun, Sunggyu, L, Dongwoo, Hoya, Sungjong, and Sungyeol.

At the start of the music video it shows a girl that was blindfolded, her hands were tied behind her back, and there are kidnappers around her. It turns out she was kidnapped by several guys. One of the guys takes the blindfold off and she looks very frightened. Then it shows the members of the band walking towards a building. That building is where the girl is being held captive.

The members walk into the building and they start being attacked by the people in the red jackets. The members fight back by kicking and punching them. One of the members runs on to a car and jumps off of it. They continue to fight the people with the red jackets in hallways and in other rooms.

One of the members gets close to the girl but starts being attacked by the people in the red jackets and the people who kidnapped her start to take her somewhere else. He then gets hit with a metal pole and collapses on the floor and he watches her being taken away and he can't do anything. Then there are flashbacks of them when they were hanging out together with one of the other members.

They get to the roof or another part of the building and start to fight the people who kidnapped her. The members are all being defeated by the kidnappers. The girl wants to help but she can't.

At the end the kidnappers are at one side of the roof with the girl and on the other side are the members. They look at each other and run towards each other to fight. The music video ends there.

I wish they showed in the music video if they got the girl back or not. But I really like the music video. It looks amazing. The dance is awesome as always by Infinite. I like the jackets that they the members are wearing in the fighting scenes and the solo shot outfits. I like how in the beginning of the song it starts out as a slow song then it gradually gets faster throughout the music video. The vocals are amazing and the chorus is catchy. I give the song a 10/10.

What do you think of 'Back' by Infinite?

If you can't see the video click here.

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