Beautiful Blue Sky

September 25, 2014

In this picture it looks like a pig's body with a human head.


The cloud on the left looks like a person relaxing and the cloud on the right looks like someone riding a horse or a elephant. 

Clouds that look like people and animals

I see a dragons head on the right and a Egyptian on the left.

Clouds that look like dragons and a Egyptian.

This cloud looks like the side of someones face.

A cloud that looks like the side of a persons face.

This cloud looks like a princess wearing a wedding dress.

Clouds that look like a princess.

This picture looks so awesome, it's very pretty. It reminds me of the ocean. Both the trees and the clouds look like a coral reef.

Clouds that look like the ocean.

I see a mom ant holding a baby ant.

Clouds that looks like ants.

I see a lizard in the shadows of the clouds.

Clouds that looks like a lizard.

This cloud looks like someone riding a dragon.


What do you see in the clouds?

Aww... Rocky looks so cute in these pictures. In the first picture he looks a little sad and tired but in the next one he looks so happy.

Rocky, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix

Rocky, German Shepherd and Golden Retriever Mix

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  1. This is a cute and funny post!

    your dog is sooo cute


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