Beautiful Colorful Flowers Trip Part 4

September 2, 2014

This is part four of when I visited my grandparents. If you would like to see part three click here or if you want to start from part one click here.

While I was visiting my grandparents, I went to my aunt's house. She has so many different types of flowers and cute stuff in her yard.

Bright yellow Coneflowers collage

Bright yellow Coneflowers

This picture of Minnie was taken before I went to my aunt's house. She looks so cute. She loves to sleep on my lap. I don't know why but I guess it's comfortable.

Minnie, Chihuahua

Before I took a picture of this bug, it was laying on it's back. It looked like it was trying to get back on his feet. But when I took the picture it got back on it's feet. 


Soapwort or Saponaria flowers

I like these hanging bees. They are very cute.

I was actually surprised it wasn't that hot this summer. It's been around seventy and eighty degrees but at the end of August. It was around ninety and one hundred degrees or more.

This cloud looks like a submarine, a building, or a whale at the top of the ocean.

Clouds behind trees.

This cloud looks like a monster swimming up from the depths of the ocean to get air.

Clouds behind tree.

White Rose of Sharon Collage

Pink Rose of Sharon

Pink Rose of Sharon

One white flower and closed flowers Rose of Sharon

Perspective of tree

Tree bark

This cloud looks like a ducks head or a dog swimming in water.

A cloud that looks like a dog or a duck.

This cloud looks like a baby camel swimming in water.

A cloud that looks like a camel swimming in water.

White Impatiens

White Impatiens

Yellow Marigold

Hot pink Impatiens

Pink and red Impatiens

Pink and red Impatiens

Do you have a favorite picture? I think my favorite is the second picture. Did you see anything in the clouds?

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