Golden and Pink Cloud Shapes Part 2

September 28, 2014

The two clouds closer to the bottom look like snakes and the cloud closer to the top looks like a bird.

Clouds that look like snakes and a bird.

This cloud looks like a dinosaur mowing the sky.

Clouds that look like a dinosaur.

The bigger cloud looks like a monster with a piece of food on a stick and the cloud above it is his companion. The companion looks like a monkey or a mouse that can float in the air.

Clouds that look like monsters

This cloud looks like a turtle swimming in the ocean.

Pink clouds that look like a turtle.

Pink clouds

I like how the sun shines on the clouds during this sunset.



Light pink clouds

This sunset was from a different day.



Pink clouds

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  1. What a fun and beautiful post. This makes me want to go and look at clouds right now...we are having the first hot day in ages, it's pretty exciting.


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