Cute Fall Outfit #1 Fashion Saturday's

September 27, 2014

Hello everybody! Fall has finally started! I have many ideas for fall clothing but I will only show you one or more through out fall each Saturday. This is a cute and simple fall outfit. It would be perfect for going to school or going to the store. If you want to see the second fall outfit click here.

In this fall outfit, there is a classic red and black plaid shirt with buttons, black skinny jeans, and classic black Converse. One of the accessories are black and orange colored bracelets with gold studs around the outside of the bracelet. The last accessory is a very cute knit panda hat.

 I really love the panda hat, it's so adorable. I wish the orange or pumpkin colored bracelet was red. I think that would match better with this outfit but I still think it goes with it. I love the plaid shirt. If you want you can wear a tank top or a t-shirt underneath. You could even wear a scarf if you wanted.

I really love it, I think my favorite thing from this outfit would have to be the panda hat. What do you think of this outfit?

Fall Outfit #1

Red shirt

Noisy may black jeans
$46 -


Leather bracelet


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  1. I am someone who loves plaid shirts, so this is like an outfit made for me :D I have converse just like that except they are a dark blue! Great get together! I would love to see more posts like these.


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