Cute Flowers and Other Things End of Trip Part 5

September 4, 2014

This is the last part of my trip to my grandparents house. To start at the beginning click here. To see part four click here.

The rest of the pictures that I took are from my aunt's house and a few others.

Pink, red and orange Impatiens

Hot pink Impatien

White and red Impatien

Marigolds and Impatiens collage


Orange Marigold collage

Orange and red Marigolds

I saw all of these cute things. I just had to take a picture of them.  I think the sheep is the cutest.

Sheep, bear, and other cute things

Welcome sign


The plant on the left looks so cute. The little things on the stems are what makes it cute.

The picture on the top left looks like a mother and a baby whale. The picture on the top right looks like a squid or a mother dolphin and it's baby. The picture on the bottom left looks like a camel relaxing in water. The picture on the bottom right looks like a baby elephant.

Cloud shapes

The cloud on the bottom left looks like a person running and all of the clouds on the right look like monsters chasing him.


This deer statue is so cute.

Deer statue

These bunny rabbit statues are cute to.

Bunny rabbit statues



On the way home, Minnie seemed very excited.

Minnie, Chihuahua

This bug scared me a little bit.


Do you have a favorite picture? I think my favorite is the picture of the bunny rabbit statue. What's your favorite thing you did this summer? I think my favorite things I did this summer were going to Vans Warped Tour and going to my grandparents.

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