Holler by Girls' Generation-TTS Music Monday's

September 22, 2014

Holler by Girls' Generation-TTS  Music Monday's

Hello!! Today's Music Monday is the new music video for Girls' Generation-TTS. The song is called 'Holler' and it's an amazing song. 'Holler' will be on their second mini album which is also called 'Holler'. Who's excited for their new album?

Girls' Generation-TTS is a subgroup of the nine member group Girls' Generation. Girls' Generation is a band from South Korea. There are three members is the group Girls' Generation-TTS. The members names are Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Seohyun.

At the start of the music video it shows a big room that looks like a hotel lobby. Then it shows words like wow, fantastic, and some other words in comic book style. Then it shows the girls with words that describe them like 'dashing'. Then it shows Seohyun walking out of the elevator and then she disappears.

The music video makes it look like your're there with them in a few parts like in the beginning and in the end of music video. The person behind the camera looking around and is trying to find them. Then the guy walks up the stairs to get the keys and Seohyun pretends to give the keys to him and then finally gives the keys to him.

Then Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Seohyun are in the elevator waiting for him. The music starts and it shows the girls in cute outfits and shows a part where they begin dancing. Then it shows the elevator buttons and it spells 'Holler'. Each letter is a different floor and in the music video it changes to a different floor through out the video. The next floor they go to after the room that looks like the lobby, the girls are in a room that looks completely gold. The next floor looks like a beach because of the palm trees. It kind of reminds me of a castle.

The next scene in the music video is where they are dancing at a party. I love the denim outfits they are wearing in this scene. At the end, the guy behind the camera returns the keys and the girls laugh and say bye to him.

I love all of their outfits in this music videos. My favorite would have to be the denim outfits and the outfits in the scene wear it looks like a beach or a castle. I loved the one that they wear dancing in and the ones where they were standing by the palm trees. I also like the outfits in the beginning of the music video. The outfits where they were walking in water were cute to.

The dance looks super fun and the song is super catchy. What do you think of 'Holler' by Girls' Generation-TTS?

If you can't see the video click here.


  1. This is new to me, very interesting!


  2. I love it! but my fave song on the album is Adrenaline



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