I Will Show You (보여줄게) by Ailee (에일리) Music Monday's

September 15, 2014

I Will Show You (보여줄게) by Ailee (에일리) Music Monday's

I love Ailee's songs and her voice. I think her voice is one of the best in South Korea. I also like Hyolyn from Sistar's voice. They both can sing very good together. I think one of my favorite cover's they have done together is 'Let It Go'. That is one of the best covers of that song.

In the beginning, you see Ailee walking in a hallway. She is wearing glasses and a polka dotted dress. Her hair is braided pony tails. It also shows different guys talking to girls and it also shows a guy she used to date talking to a different girl. Then he walks away with the girl. Ailee continues to walk down the hallway and sees memories with that guy. Then her voice gets higher in the song and then the song starts playing the chorus and this is where she changes her whole look.

Then it shows her in a completely different outfits and hairstyle. Now, everybody wants her autograph and wants to talk to her. Her old boyfriend sees her and looks very surprised and he tries to go after her. Then, she is walking down the hallway having others doing her makeup and hair. Then, boys try to give her presents. She continues to walk down the hallway and her old boyfriend tries to get her back with flowers. She smells the flowers and rejects him.

Then, the video shows how she used to look like. Then goes back to how she looks like now and shows memories from the past. Her old boyfriend stops her and hugs her. Ailee smiles, she hugs back, and they get back together.

I love this song. I think it's one of my favorites. I think the song is about a guy who only likes a girl for what she looks like. I love all of the outfits that she wears in this music video. My favorite is the red and orange color dress around one minute and forty seconds. It looks really cute. I also love the the sparkly dresses and the jackets in the dance parts of the music video. The dance looks really cool. I think this would be a really easy dance to learn.I already remember parts of the dance. I must attempt to learn this dance. :)

What do you think of 'I Will Show You' by Ailee?

If you can't see the video click here.

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