Monkey Clouds

September 3, 2014

These clouds look like two people. It also looks like two monkeys eating bananas.

Clouds that are shaped as monkeys.
One of the smaller clouds looks like a Praying Mantis or a cricket. The cloud on the left looks like a turtle swimming in the ocean.

Clouds that are shaped as a turtle and a Praying Mantis.

This cloud looks like a monkey hanging upside down and eating a banana.

Clouds that are shaped as a monkey.

On the right it looks like a man riding a horse and he looks like he's about to attack something. The cloud on the left looks likes a man riding a whale or a dolphin and he also looks like he is about to attack something. Maybe it's a war between sea and land. What do you see in the clouds? 

Clouds that are shaped as men riding a whale, dolphin and a horse.

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  1. Lol, near the upper-right of the 2nd picture, I see the profile of Professor Snape! Or the profile of a woman who has a very big nose.

  2. wonderful pics.

    Many greetings Sabine

  3. Awesome! I see Professor Snape and the woman to. :)


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