Motorcycles and Monster Clouds

September 5, 2014

The clouds formed a clown or a gingerbread man. They also could have formed a person doing jumping jacks or a man or woman flying in the air.

Clouds that look like a gingerbread man or a clown.

The brightest part of the cloud looks like a bird or a turtle head wearing a helmet.

Clouds that look like a turtle or a bird wearing a helmet.

This cloud looks like a man with a beard sitting in a floating rocking chair.

A cloud that looks like a man sitting in a floating rocking chair.

The cloud on the left looks like someone riding a scooter and the cloud undergrowth that looks like someone riding a motorcycle. The clouds on the right looks like two people running from the clouds that looks like two monsters.

Clouds that look like monsters and a motorcycle.

It looks like a animal or a human emerging from a sandstorm or a cloud. It also looks like a man with a big nose screaming.

A cloud shape that looks like an animal.

Do you see something in the clouds? What is it?

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  1. This post is adorable! I'm lucky enough to have beautiful weather like in these pictures recently. :)

  2. Thank you :D I love beautiful weather. :)


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