Danger by BTS Music Mondays

October 6, 2014

Danger by BTS Music Mondays

Hello everybody! Today's Music Monday is for BTS's newest song 'Danger'. I just love everything about, it's catchy and the dance is amazing.

BTS stands for Bangtan Boys. They are a seven member boy group from South Korea. In Korean, Bangtan Boys is spelled 방탄소년단. The members names are Rap Monster, J-Hope, V, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga.

At the beginning, Rap Monster turns on a desk light and is working on something and he looks a little bored. Then, Jungkook begins to play the piano and V is standing in front of the mirror and he looks a little exhausted. Then J-Hope is doing some dance moves in front of a mirror. Suga is playing some basketball and Jimin practicing boxing. Then Suga, lightly throws the basketball and the basketball rolls away with the camera. Then the video fades out to the start of the music video and all of them dancing.

When Rap Monster starts singing, they show him again working on something. It seems he can't figure out what he wants to do or the idea doesn't work. Jungkook looks like he is the same way. Maybe the song he was playing made him angry or he didn't play it right. Jin lights what looks like a chair or a cart on fire. Then they start to dance in front of a couple of carts during V's part in the song. Then the video shows J-Hope waiting for a text and it doesn't look like he got the text yet. Jungkook takes a baseball bat and hits the piano with it. Jungkook pushes over the piano, J-Hope is practicing his dancing, and V cuts his hair. At the end of the music video it shows all of the members dancing and they stop dancing to do a cool pose at the end of the dance.

Most of the music video shows solo shots and the dance shots. The dance looks amazing as always and it looks a little bit difficult to learn. I love the whole dance but if I had to choose a favorite part of the dance it would be from the start of the song and until Rap Monster stops singing and the chorus part of the dance. My favorite part of the music video has to be the dance parts and a couple of their solo shots. I just love all of their outfits. I really like the outfits that they are wearing at the beginning, the part where they're dancing. My favorite outfits would have to be Jungkook's and Jimin's. What do you think of their outfits?

The song is about a guy who loves a girl but he feels as if she doesn't love him back. In the music video each member seems angry or frustrated about a girl, because she doesn't love him back.

I give this song and the dance a 10/10. What do you think of 'Danger' by BTS?

If you can't see the video click here.

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