DIY: Cute Cat Pumpkin No Carving!

October 28, 2014

DIY: Cute Cat Pumpkin No Carving!

Hello everybody! Halloween is near. It's in a couple of days, I wanted to try a pumpkin DIY before Halloween is over. Best of all it doesn't require any carving! It's very simple and if you have kids you wouldn't have to worry about the mess they might create from whats inside the pumpkin. I never carved a pumpkin in my life so I would rather glue on paper to the pumpkin. I would be worried the whole pumpkin would fall into pieces if I carved it.

I was going to place a pirate hat on top of the pumpkin to make the cat a pirate but it didn't look right on top of the pumpkin. But I still think it looks cute.

You will need...

Different colors of construction paper
A Glue gun
Permanent marker

Step One

One of the first things you want to do is to make the ears. Take two colors, one dark and one that is light, and try to make them the same shape. The darker color should be bigger than the lighter color.

Make sure you have the size that you want and that it can sit on the pumpkin with out there being a gap in between the ear and the pumpkin.

Then take the lighter color and glue on top of the darker ear. Try to line up the bottom so that they align on the side of the pumpkin.

DIY Cute Cat Pumpkin, ears

Step Two

To make to circles for your eyes. You can use green, yellow, or any other color would be fine to.

DIY Cute Cat Pumpkin, eyes

Step Three

Take dark colored paper and make two oval shapes and make sure they fit and work for the circles you are using for the eyes. Then, glue the ovals on to the circles.

DIY Cute Cat Pumpkin, eyes

Step Four

Glue the eyes on to your pumpkin. 

If you want you can mark where you want the eyes to be before you place them on your pumpkin.

DIY Cute Cat Pumpkin, eyes

Step Five

Glue the ears onto the pumpkin. You can glue the ears into the ridges on the pumpkin.

DIY Cute Cat Pumpkin, eyes and ears.

Step Six

To create the nose and whiskers, take the color you want to use for the nose and create a triangle shape. Mark where you want the nose to be and glue the nose on. Then, take the permanent marker and draw whiskers.

DIY Cute Cat Pumpkin, nose, whiskers, eyes, and ears.

You can get something like this. You can add accessories to the pumpkin if you want.

DIY Cute Cat Pumpkin, pumpkin sitting in the leaves.

Minnie, Chihuahua sitting next to a pumpkin.

Minnie says "I'm about to eat this pumpkin if you don't give me my treat!"

Minnie, Chihuahua acting like she's about to eat the pumpkin.

Minnie says "SQUIRREL!! False alarm, it was just a leaf."

Minnie, Chihuahua sitting next to a pumpkin and sees something.

Minnie sticking her tongue out at me again. 

Minnie says "You can never get a picture of me! HA HA HA!"

Cute Minnie, Chihuahua

I hoped you enjoyed this DIY! What pumpkin design are you going to make?


  1. Aw, that is so cute! I think I'm going to do this, so that the pumpkin will remain whole for when I need to make dinner-in-a-pumpkin (casserole baked inside of a pumpkin!) on Halloween. Btw, Rocky and Minnie are sooo cute; they both have the sweetest expressions.


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