Happy Halloween, Updates and Song of the Month!

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Hello everybody! Today's Halloween! I wanted to share my five favorite things that I like to do on Halloween like watching my favorite movies and other things. I also wanted to share a song and some updates.

My five favorite things I like to do/for on Halloween:

1. I like to watch my favorite animated movie called The Nightmare Before Christmas.
2. I like to watch my favorite scary movies like Nightmare on Elm Street and One Missed Call and many others.
3. I like to watch foreign horror movies.
4. I like to look at pumpkin designs. There are so many cool pumpkin designs!
5. The candy!! :D


I was thinking why not do some updates at the end of every month. What do you think? Should I do something like that?

At the end of September I bought a microphone so I could make more polymer clay or other types of videos and remake the videos I made because of the horrible sounds from the microphone I was using before. The unexpected happens and I get sick. Like the hurting throat sick. I was like "Really!?" My voice doesn't sound the same. :( I have been sick the whole month. It won't go away. :( Maybe I'll be better soon. :D

So basically I'll be editing and recording audio for the polymer clay videos that I did a few months ago again. The new microphone is so much better! Now I can continue to make more videos with better audio.  :)  I will also make the videos for the cat pumpkin post I did this week. I'll get the video up soon.

I have some posts that will have pictures of trees, leaves, Minnie, Rocky, and many other things in November. :D When all of the trees have lots their leaves I might be doing a GIF or video of all of the leaves changing colors. I haven't decided what to do yet. :)

Song of the Month

I also thought of doing a song at the end of every month. What do you think? Should I share a song with you at the end of every month?

If you remember on this Music Monday I shared a song called 'One More Yesterday' by The Relapse Symphony. Well, this song is called 'Savage Eyes' and it's also by The Relapse Symphony.

I love this song and the music video reminds me of horror movies. :D

If you can't see the video click here.

What's your favorite things about Halloween? Like movies, music, or anything else.

Have a happy Halloween and have fun!

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