Heart of Fire by Black Veil Brides Music Mondays

October 13, 2014

Heart of Fire by Black Veil Brides Music Mondays

Hello everybody! Today's Music Monday is a song by one of my favorite bands Black Veil Brides. The song is called "Heart of Fire". Their fourth album will be released on October 27th. Who's ready for their new album?

Black Veil Brides is a five member rock band from Hollywood, California. The names of the members and what they do in the band: Andy Biersack sings, Ashley Purdy plays bass, Christian 'CC' Coma plays the drums, Jake Pitts and Jinxx play the guitar.

In the beginning of the video it reminds of their music video for "Fallen Angels" because of the burning buildings. I do love the whole song and music video but if I had to pick a favorite part of the song it would have to be the guitar solo. One of my favorite parts of the music video would have to be when Ashley smashes his bass into the ground. It's at the very end and shows it only for a second. I also like how they did the fiery Black Veil Brides logo in the background. The rest of the music video is amazing! What's your favorite part of the song and the music video?

What I think the song means is that you should never let your dream die and to not let anything change that dream you have. What do you think the song is about?

I give the song and the music video a 10/10. What do you think of "Heart of Fire" by Black Veil Brides?

If you can't see the video click here.

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  1. Hey! One of my friends is in love with that Andy Biersack guy. I secretly like some of his music too ;) ;)

    The Life of Little


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