Ice Cream Mountain Clouds

October 22, 2014

The cloud that's closer to the bottom looks like someone riding a bike. The cloud in the middle reminds me of the teacup and teapot in the movie Beauty in the Beast.

Clouds that look like a person on a bike and the teacup and teapot from the movie Beauty and the Beast.

The clouds closer to the top look like birds. The cloud that is on the bottom looks like baby elephants playing in the water.

Clouds that look like baby elephants and birds.

When the picture is sideways, it looks like the clouds form a princess. The princess reminds me of Aurora from the movie Sleeping Beauty.

Clouds that look like the princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

The cloud that is closer to the tree looks like someone hiding in a bush. The cloud that is a little left of the center of the picture looks like T-Rex holding a cake.

Clouds that look like a person hiding and T-Rex holding a cake.

This cloud looks like a lion and it also looks like someone riding a bull.

Cloud that looks like a lion and a bull.

This cloud looks like the Hulk and the cloud on the left looks like a camel.

Clouds that look like the Hulk and a camel.

These clouds look like mermaids, a whale, and dolphins.

Clouds that look like mermaids, whales, and dolphins.

The clouds closest to the bottom look like ice cream mountains.

Clouds that look like ice cream mountains.

What do you see in the clouds?

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