Mini Hot Topic Haul and a Short Story

October 5, 2014

Hello everybody! A few days ago, I bought two items from the Hot Topic website. I thought I should share what I got and a short story.

The two items I got from Hot Topic was Attack on Titan playing cards and a Lilo & Stitch bracelet. I loved Attack on Titan. It's one of my favorite anime shows now. Lilo & Stitch is one of my favorite cartoon movies.

Attack on Titan playing cards and Lilo & Stitch bracelet.

For the Attack on Titan playing cards, the spades and clubs had the same design and so did the hearts and diamonds. The jokers and the 'A' cards have different designs. I think the cards for the hearts and diamonds are the cutest. I love the 'A' card for the hearts. I think it's the cutest out of all of  the cards. What do you think of the cards? Have you seen the show?

Attack on Titan playing cards

The Lilo & Stitch bracelet is so cute. I love the design on the bracelet. It even has my favorite quote from the movie on it. Every time I read it I hear Stitch's voice.

Lilo & Stitch bracelt

Now to the short story.... A couple of nights ago at about two in the morning, I had to go get Rocky to bring him inside because it was about to rain. I had to avoid touching this slug that was on the door. I mean the slug kind of looks cute but disgusting at the same time.


After seeing the slug I opened the door to call Rocky. He couldn't come inside because he got stuck on a brick. So I was like "Why aren't you coming inside?!" then a few seconds later I thought "Oh, your stuck..." So I had to got out there in the pouring rain and try not to accidentally touch the slug at the same time. There also was a slug that was already dead outside on the ground and I stepped on it! It was disgusting.

As soon as I get back inside, I turn around and look at Rocky. He looks at me like "Can I have a treat?" I think I was so frustrated with having to go in the rain and the disgusting slug I don't think I gave him a treat. Don't worry, I gave him treats the next day. I almost stepped on this little caterpillar before I came inside. 


At first I wasn't sure if it was a caterpillar at all until I moved the carpet a little bit then the caterpillar kind of rolled in to a ball.

The next night, I saw another slug that was skinnier than the one in the picture above. It was just hanging out on the door. I think I saw the same slug that's in the picture in Rocky's bowl! Talk about disgusting. It was eating what was left in his bowl. Then I see another slug that was slithering around on the ground. Well that's the end of my little short story. Do you have a bug story?

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