Sea Animals and Bird Clouds

October 7, 2014

These clouds look like they form a snake attacking a mouse. The cloud on the right looks like a princess. The cloud on the far left looks like a dolphin or a whale diving into the water.

Clouds that look like snakes and dolphins.

This cloud looks like the ship from Star Wars and it also looks like a lobster. The two clouds below it look like missile attacking the ship.

Clouds that form a ship.

On of the clouds on the right looks like a whale and above it it looks like there is a praying mantis.

Clouds that look like a whale and a praying mantis.

The cloud on the left looks like someone doing tricks on a motorcycle. The cloud on the right looks like a ramp. The person on the right is going to drive on to the ramp and do some kind of trick.

Clouds that look like someone riding a motorcycle.

This cloud looks like a turkey or a swan.

Clouds that look like a swan or a turkey.

The cloud closest to the bottom looks like someone standing on a mountain. The cloud on the right looks like a pig rolling around in the sky.

Clouds that look like someone on a mountain and a pig.


What do you see in the clouds?

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