Teddy Bears and Submarines

October 10, 2014

This cloud looks like a dancing teddy bear or a seahorse.

Cloud that looks like a teddy bear or a seahorse.

The cloud that is the closest looks like the dinosaur called Sauropod.

Clouds that look like a dinosaur.

The cloud closer to the top looks like a jellyfish and the cloud to the left of the jellyfish looks like a dolphin or a shark. It also looks like a person dancing.

Clouds that look like jellyfish, dolphins, and sharks.

This cloud look like a elephant and it also looks like a pig.

Clouds that looks like a pig or a elephant.

These clouds look like race cars that are racing each other.

Clouds that looks like race cars.

This cloud looks like a submarine that crashed into a coral reef.

Clouds that look like a submarine and the tree looks like a coral reef.

What do you see in the clouds?


  1. Hi Emily and thank you for your visit!!! I like very
    much this post....you are really creative with your clouds!!! This photos are really beautiful! I have a new post at my blog. Do you want to tell me what do you think? Kisses,


  2. Thank you. :) I checked out your newest post and it's awesome. :D


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