Witch by Boyfriend Music Mondays

October 20, 2014

Witch by Boyfriend Music Mondays

Hello everybody! Today's Music Monday is Boyfriend's newest song 'Witch'. I love the wolf concept of the music video and the song is amazing as always and catchy. I got the beginning of the song stuck in my head. I don't know why.

When the music video starts, there is a crime scene and you hear police sirens. Then it shows Donghyun walking in a a big room with red curtains. He turns around and the curtains separate from each other. Then it shows a part of the dance and some of the members. Then it shows Donghyun again walking around the crime scene.

After some more shots of the members and the dance, it shows a dark room with glowing eyes. Then the lights turn on and Donghyun walks in with a newspaper in. He throws the newspaper on the floor. The newspaper talks about a red riding hood and a corpse with a 'BF' mark was found on a scene.

Then, it shows Hyunseong sitting on a top of a building reading the newspaper. Then behind him someone wearing a red riding hood comes up behind him and attacks him. Then, it shows the members laughing and hanging out together. A girl walks in and acts like something or someone was chasing her. Then, she greets all of the members. Donghyun is reading a book that's about being human. The girl walks over to talk to him. Then the video shows her purse with the red riding hood in her purse. 

Then, the video shows Hyunseong laying on a bed hurt and the members are surrounding him to make sure he is okay. Hyunseong hands them a piece of paper that says something about someone waiting on a rooftop. They all go to the rooftop and they fight a girl that is wearing a red riding hood. At the end all of the members are hurt and laying on the ground and the girl wearing the red riding hood runs away.

I love how they used the curtains in the dance. The dance looks amazing. I love all of the clothes that they are wearing in the music video.

What do you think of 'Witch' by Boyfriend?

If you can't see the video click here.

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