Beautiful Sunrise and Sunsets

November 7, 2014

Here's a beautiful orange and gold sunrise.

A golden sunrise

The end of a golden sunrise.

At the beginning of this sunset, the clouds have a little bit of pink in them and that's all that happened in this sunset.

Pink and purple clouds

These clouds look like a alien, a woman, or a octopus cooking dinner.

Bright pink and purple clouds that look like someone is cooking dinner.

Bright pink and purple clouds.

Bright pink clouds

The next day there was another pink sunset. These clouds look like pink ocean waves.

Clouds that look like pink ocean waves.

In the middle right of the picture it looks like someone is doing tricks on a bike.

A pink and golden sunset with a light blue sky.

Here's the end of another sunset.

A light gold sunset.

Here's a fourth sunset, the clouds are very pretty.

Dark orange clouds during a sunset.

Pink and orange clouds during a sunset.

Light orange clouds during a sunset.

Light pink clouds at the end of a sunset.

Here's the last sunset.

A pink and orange sunset.

I was taking pictures of a sunset and there was a cat watching me. Unfortunately, the sunset picture I took that day didn't come out. But the cat is cute. :)


Which is your favorite sunset and what do you think of the sunrise?


  1. Gorgeous photography! Who doesn't love a pretty sunset? :)


  2. Oh! The last picture was very unexpected, and it made me smile. Lol. :o)


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