Clouds and a Colorful Sunrise and Sunset

November 25, 2014

This cloud looks like someone riding a horse in the sky.

A cloud that looks like someone riding a horse.

This cloud looks like a mermaid sitting on some rocks.

A cloud that look like a mermaid.

I took this picture through my car window. I like how it came out.

Clouds and a light blue sky.

I didn't take this picture through the car window. I like how it came out too.

Clouds and a sun.

Clouds and a blue sky.

I see three baby snakes in these clouds.

Clouds that look like baby snakes.

Grey clouds and a blue sky.

The lighter part of the clouds looks like a baby bear letting a butterfly go.

Clouds that look like a baby bear and a butterfly.

A golden sunrise

A golden sunrise

I messing with around with the settings in my camera with this sunrise. So that's why the colors on it are different than the other two pictures. But I got a picture of some birds flying from the trees near the bottom of the picture.

A sunrise and birds flying from the trees.

Pink clouds during a sunset

A pink and orange sunset.

Did you see anything in the clouds? What did you think about the sunrise and sunset?


  1. Great post, love the beautiful pictures!

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