Colorful Sunsets and Moons

November 13, 2014

I liked the colors in this sunset. The sunset was on November 5th.

A golden sunset with trees in front of it.

A moon and a light colored sky.

Pink, orange, and purple sunset with trees in front of it.

Pink clouds and a blue sky.

A colorful sunset with trees in front of it.

Pink clouds

This moon happened on the same night.

A bright moon with a light blue sky.

The moon became so pretty in this collage of three photos. I like how the clouds look like camouflage. I really liked this moon and the sunset that happened on November 5th. The sunset was really colorful and beautiful.

Clouds covering a bright moon.

This moon is from November 6 and it's called the Frost Moon.

Frost Moon November 6, 2014

I love the gold clouds in this sunset. This sunset was on November 7th. This cloud looks like a golden ocean wave or a wing.

Golden clouds

This cloud looks like someone riding a motorcycle.

Golden clouds

This pretty sunset was on November 8th.

A light orange sunset.

A orange and pink sunset.

A bright orange and yellow sunset.

Which sunset is your favorite?

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