Cute Fall/Winter Outfit #1 Fashion Saturday's

November 1, 2014

Cute Fall/Winter Outfit #1 Fashion Saturday's

Hello everybody! Today's outfit is for both fall and winter. You can wear it on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and on New Years.
This outfit includes a black long sleeve dress and black leggings.  Black wedge boots that have fringe near and around the top of the boots and shoe lace on the top of the boots. The accessories are silver star earrings and a white bow. A zebra sequin patterned purse and a necklace with a star that says rock, a guitar, and a drum set attached to it.

This outfit is so cute and I definitely would wear it to a holiday party or a concert. I would probably wear a jacket over the dress to stay warm. Maybe a leather jacket. I love the boots and the necklace. I love everything about this outfit! :)

What do you think about this outfit?

Cute fall and winter outfit

Long sleeve dress

Black pants
$16 -

Pieces black sequin purse
$25 -

Alisa Michelle star necklace

Star earrings
$16 -

Black scarf
$11 -

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  1. Lovely outfit sweetie!
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  2. Sure we can follow each other. :)

  3. Just followed you back!
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