November Updates and Warm Fire Pictures

November 30, 2014

Hello everybody! Today I'm going to share a few updates. Similar to the post on what I did at the end of October. You can read my October update/Halloween post by clicking here. I might continue to do these update posts. I'll share some things that have been happening with Minnie and Rocky or something else like a blog update or talk about what's on my mind. I might talk about future posts as well. I'll still share a few pictures like what I normally do. I wanted to try something different.

On the October post, I mentioned that I was sick. I'm still sick! I thought I was getting better. Then, my sister gets sick and gets me sick. :( I was going to record my videos of the polymer clay stuff again to fix the audio. I might record the audio at the end of December if I'm better and upload them again sometime in 2015. I might also upload them in December instead.

Minnie and Rocky

Nothing is happening with Minnie and Rocky. Well, Minnie just barks at the occasional squirrel in a tree that's outside. Rocky just barks at the shadows in the dark at night.

A New Blog Design

I changed my blog design. I'll probably keep it like this for a couple of months. I designed it myself. I think it's my favorite I designed for my blog. I have learned a lot about the html code stuff. It helped a lot. I learn a little bit more when I change something on my blog. :) What do you think of my new blog design?

Two Future Post Ideas

A future post idea that I have is a blog DIY. Well, I guess it wouldn't be called that but I wanted to share with you some sites that have codes that would help you design your blog. I haven't decided if I wanted to make a post on it yet. What do you think? Should I share a few sites that have codes to help design your blog? Mostly the sites that have helped me design mine.

Another future post idea I have would start in 2015. Everyday I will post one picture. I'll probably call it "Photo of the Day". I will still post Fashion Saturday, DIY, and Music Monday posts. I think I said I would post one or more pictures everyday at the beginning of this year but I ended up doing posts with a lot of pictures. But I haven't decided if I wanted to make it a separate post on Monday and on Saturday. I would either make them posts or I would combine the photo of the day with the Music Monday, DIY, and Fashion Saturday posts. What do you think? Should I do a photo of the day type of posts in 2015?

A Continuation of a Post From Last Year

A year ago my dad cut down a tree because it was dead. I actually wrote a post about this tree when it got cut down last year. You can see how the tree looked last year by clicking here.

This month he and his friends burned the remains of the tree and fallen tree branches from other trees. It looked so cool so I took a lot of pictures of the fire. I got some cool looking pictures of the fire. Like when the fire pops a piece of wood off, smoke, and I even found a face in the burning wood. But it was hard to get a picture of it close up because it was so HOT!

I would have zoomed with my camera but my camera doesn't work very well in the dark. It was a cold night but it was just too hot. The smoke was going everywhere to. The smoke would keep going into my eyes, which I hated. Anyways... here are some awesome fire pictures. :D

I thought this picture came out really cool. It looks like lava or a volcano.

It looks there is a face, there are two eyes and a nose. On the side of the face looks like ears or paws.

The outline of wood that's not on fire looks like a pair of dog ears.

These flames look like claws.

The ash in this picture looks like snow.

I thought the bright orange looked like owl eyes in the dark!

What do you think of these fire pictures? Did you see anything, like shapes, in the fire? What do you think of my two future post ideas and my new blog design?


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