So Many Ladybugs and Other Bugs!

November 4, 2014

If you all remember my cat pumpkin DIY. I was taking pictures of the pumpkin and there was ladybugs everywhere! This ladybug was crawling on the eye of the pumpkin.

A ladybug on a pumpkin.

Then the ladybug flew away. I was so happy that my camera picked up this ladybug before it took off. The ladybugs wings came out very good.

A ladybug flying away off a pumpkin.

There were ladybugs crawling on the wall behind the pumpkin too.

Two orange ladybugs and one red ladybug.

A red ladybug

A orange ladybug

Just a random picture of a big green and yellow leaf.

A yellow and green leaf.

Ladybugs like to come inside my house when it starts to get cold. They like to hang around the cracks near the ceiling.


Ladybugs in a corner.

Since there was still an air conditioner in the window, that's where the ladybugs were coming in from.

Ladybugs under a window.

Colorful ladybugs under a window.

When the air conditioner was took out of the window, I was told there was millions of them underneath of it. But unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of it because they were all swept out of the window before I could get a picture.

I like the pattern of these wings on this moth.

A moth and it's patterned wings.

I noticed a little bug while I was taking picture. It kind of looks cute. I'm not sure what it is.


I had to go take Rocky outside and take pictures for my bat pumpkin DIY and there were a couple of slugs. There was one slithering next to Rocky and he didn't seem to care until he looked or smelled the slug and looked at me. It looked like he said "Get this thing away from me!".

A slug

I think this is a different slug but it could be the same slug because it was a few minutes later until I took this picture.

A slug on a door.

 There was also one in his water bowl. I had to get rid of the slugs by sweeping them away but I think it didn't work so well because they came back.

Then there was a spider hanging out on its web.


A couple of weeks ago I saw a centipede in my house. I freaked out because it was moving so fast. I first thought it was a caterpillar until thinking about it and throwing it outside. I then realized it was a centipede a few minutes later.

I like ladybugs but I'm not a fan of spiders or slugs. I tried to get rid of a spider but it started to chase me and I ran away.

Do you like bugs? If you hate bugs, which ones don't bother you as much?

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