The Adorable Sleeping Minnie

November 9, 2014

Minnie looks so cute while she tries to sleep and while she's sleeping.

Minnie trying to sleep, Chihuahua

Minnie sleeping, Chihuahua

The sleeping Minnie, Chihuahua

Minnie in the leaves, Chihuahua

Minnie looks so different and cute without her collar on. She also looks cute when she sticks her tongue out a little.

Minnie without her collar on, Chihuahua

Minnie on a pillow, Chihuahua

Minnie sleeping on a pillow, Chihuahua

Minnie was so cold she climbed up on top of the couch to sleep in the sun. 

Minnie says "Hey! I'm sleeping here!"

Minnie trying to sleep on the couch, Chihuahua

Minnie sleeping on the couch, Chihuahua

I love Minnie's shadow.

Minnie the Chihuahua's shadow

Minnie's shadow, Chihuahua

Minnie says "Go away..."

Minnie, Chihuahua trying to sleep in the sun.

Minnie, Chihuahua sleeping in the sun.

I love all of these pictures of Minnie. She is just so cute! But my favorite picture of her would have to be one where she is not wearing her collar. Which picture is your favorite?

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