The First Snow of November

November 18, 2014

These two pictures are of the same tree. The second picture was taken two days later. Almost all of the leaves fell off the tree in one day when it was very windy. I took the first picture on November 10th and the second picture was took on November 12th.

Leaves on a tree and a blue sky.

A tree with almost no leaves in the fall.

Here's a few pictures of the leaves from the same tree on the ground.

Colorful leaves on the ground.

Colorful leaves on the ground and a tree.

Colorful leaves, a tree, and a red wheel.

This is a very pretty leaf.

A yellow leaf

Here are some pictures of the first snow, where I live, of November. It snowed on November 15th but didn't get that much snow. I would probably say it snowed less than a inch.

Leaves with snow on them.

Snow on a tree.


It started to snow again the next day.

Snow on a tree.

Snow on red leaves.

Snow on a tree.

Perspective picture of a tree with snow on it.

Perspective picture of a tree with snow on it.

A tree branch and leaves with snow on it.

A tree with snow on it.



Snow on a red leaf.

Snow on a leaf.

Which picture is your favorite?


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