Beautiful Red Leaves and Trees

December 5, 2014

A red leaf

Colorful leaves on a tree.

Yellow leaves on a tree.

Colorful leaves and two trees.

Orange and red leaves on two trees.

Sunlight on colorful leaves.

Orange and yellow leaf.

Red and orange leaf.

These clouds look like ocean waves.

A blue sky, clouds that look like ocean waves, and colorful trees.

A red and orange leaf.

A dark red leaf.

Sunlight on a red leaf.

A dark red leaf.

A red and orange leaf.

Sunlight on a dark red leaf.

A dark red and orange leaf.

A light pink and orange sunset.

A light pink sunset and trees.

I didn't have my camera when I saw this pink and orange light cloud falling in the sky. The reason why that I didn't have my camera is that I thought the sunset was over. So, I ran in got my camera and the light pink cloud was almost gone. You can kind of see it in this picture. It's a orange and pink line above the trees. I think it could have been a shooting star.

Which picture is your favorite?


  1. Beautiful <3 You did capture the colors of the sunset perfectly!

  2. hey there :) cool post !its pretty!

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  3. very nice photography :) great blog ♥
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    Autumn @


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