Blog DIY: Helpful Designing Sites & Blogging Tips for 2015

December 23, 2014

Blog DIY: Helpful Designing Sites & Blogging Tips for 2015

Hello everybody! It's almost 2015! Today's post will be kind of like a blog DIY. I will be showing how I created my blog design. The way how I will be showing you is how to create a similar design like mine is by showing you some sites where I found some helpful codes. I will also share some designing and blogging tips that will help you with your blog. I don't remember all of the codes I used but I'm sharing the sites that helped me a lot.

So here are some of the main sites or posts that I used that helped me...

Click on the website's name to go to the homepage of the website, a search page, or to a post that helped.

Where I found most of the codes and what they are for...

Related Posts and Images Over Titles

On Code It Pretty, I found a related post widget code and it works really good. I think it's a very good alternative if you don't want to sign up to a website. I also found out how to put an image over the title of a blog post and how to install new fonts on my blog.

Navigation Bar and Images Closer Together

On Xomisse, you can find codes on how to make your navigation bar stick to the top and scroll with your blog. I also found a top of page button code and how to make the images become closer together.

She also has a thumbnail and summary for homepage, search, and label pages. But if I'm correct the codes will only work on one or the other so that's why I used the code from the website that I'm going to mention next instead. It works all the search, label, and homepages.

Customizing the Homepage, Label, Search Pages, Search Bar, and Follow by Email Gadget

On These Paper Hearts, you can find the codes I used for the homepage, label, and search. It takes the first image and makes it smaller. It also takes some words out of the post. I think it helps make the homepage, search, and label pages look better and load up faster.

I also found a custom search bar and on how to customize the follow by email widget.

Customizing the Comments and Custom Share Buttons 

On Helplogger, I found some codes for on how to customize comment pictures. On My Blogger Lab, I found some CSS codes for the comments.

On The Blog Decorator, I found out on how to create and make my own share buttons.

Customizing Blog Archive, Labels, Sidebar Titles, and Scrollbar

On Spice Up Your Blog, how to add a scroll box to the blog archive and labels. On Windroid Club, I found out how to customize the style of the labels and the color added to the background of the sidebar titles.

On Xyuenx, I found out how to customize the scrollbar. The code for the scrollbar also works with the scroll bar on the box for the blog archive and labels if you choose to put them in a scroll box

Helpful Designing Tips

  • Always backup your template before changing anything in your blogs HTML!
  • Always read directions while putting codes in your blogs HTML so you don't miss a step.
  • Don't use millions of colors or all bright colors. Only use a few colors that work well together. Maybe three, four, or five colors. You don't want to distract your visitors with the colors. Instead, you want your visitors to pay attention to your content.
  • Use at least only three fonts on your blog.
  • Use a light or dark solid background color.
  • Make sure your blogs design doesn't look cluttered. You don't want to confuse your visitors.
  • If something isn't working, doesn't look right, you want something specific for your blog search for it on a search engine.
  • Upload your header image on a photo website like Photobucket or Flickr. Blogger makes the header image look grainy. Having the header uploaded somewhere else will not make it look as grainy.
  • Start with a blank template. I used Blogger's Simple Template to create my blog design.
  • If a code you have found doesn't work, ask the creator of the code for help.

Blogging Tips for 2015

  • Be consistent with your blog. Post regularly and write posts you want to write about. Post things that your blog is about. For an example, if you blog is about fashion then write about fashion. You don't want to confuse your readers if your blog is about fashion and your writing about food.
  • Post on any day or everyday, once a week, once a month, or what other works for you. Try posting on the same day so then your readers know when to come back.
  • The most important thing is to be yourself and not to be someone you are not.
  • Be creative and original with your content.
  • At least have one or more picture in your posts. It will make the post look more exciting.
  • When taking pictures avoid using the flash. Using natural lighting will make the pictures look better.
Hopefully I covered everything! If I didn't mention how to do something that I have done on my blog, ask me and I'll help you or you can search for it on the internet. Who's excited for 2015? What are your designing and blogging tips for 2015?

By the way, I'm not getting paid by any of these websites. I'm just helping other bloggers find codes for their own blog design.


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